Our approach embraces a proactive, critical thinking, fair-minded, forward looking, holistic, qualitative and quantitative process.

We seek to understand the consequences of the decisions we make using our social, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and financial resources which determines the quality of our lives. We also accept, as truth, the most valuable and limited human resource we have is our time and energy.

Our mission is to support our family of clients in a way that is truly in alignment with what is important to them, individually.

Where have I been, Where am I now, and Where am I headed?

The game of football is made up of four quarters and possibly overtime. We also think in terms of quarters when we think of the game of life.

– First quarter: birth to age twenty

– Second quarter: ages twenty-one to forty

– Third quarter: ages forty-one to sixty

– Fourth quarter: ages sixty-one to eighty

– Overtime: ages eighty-one and up

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